Automotive tubular parts producer achieves tight radii, short cycle times with electric bender



Based in Louisville, Ohio, H-P Goods Inc. manufactures a wide variety of tubular items for huge diesel engines, hearth vans, building tools, and agricultural devices, from air intake devices to exhaust and cooling factors to structural factors.

All set to swap a 20-calendar year-outdated bending device, the company was on the lookout for a process that could meet a handful of critical necessities for its automotive industry prospects, like the restricted tube bends essential for today’s compact engines and exhaust units. To accomplish all those restricted bends, H-P Merchandise necessary a tube bender that could endure the substantial hundreds brought about by bending radii of up to 1xD. It also wanted a device that could create pieces in incredibly shorter time with higher repeatability to satisfy the automotive industry’s necessities for brief cycle times.


The company took these requirements to Schwarze-Robitec, which advisable the completely electric CNC 160 E TB MR tube bending system. By way of its close by branch place of work in Grand Rapids, Mich., the products maker was in a position to put the significant machine into procedure at H-P Goods in Ohio all through 1 of the peak phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry experts at Schwarze-Robitec’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany, provided assistance for the total undertaking, from consulting and growth to execution, when the U.S. group carried out the commissioning on-web site at the customer’s premises.

The bending machine is built for two unique resource sets, each individual with two grooves: One particular of the bending applications bends tubes up to 127 mm dia. at a bending radius of about 1.1xD. The other tool bends tubes up to 101.6 mm at the even tighter radius of 1xD. Created specially for these types of demanding bending operations, the method options substantial rigidity, as properly as stability of the unique resource elements in relation to just about every other. It withstands exceptionally substantial strain, even over a very long period of time of use.

The bending machine’s clever NxG manage coordinates the movement sequences of all device axes optimally in the course of bending. This minimizes the manufacturing time per aspect to meet up with H-P’s prerequisites for higher-repeatability bending in a quick time frame.


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