Hooniverse Asks: Did you/would you buy a JDM import?


I’m seeking for a 2nd auto in addition to my Bronco. I have a few needs: AWD, seats 5, risk-free, spacious, responsible, purposeful, budget helpful. With that explained, I also really do not want something monotonous. My specifications would be contented by a new Camry but I really do not want t generate a new Camry. Complicating items further more is the reality that the sector is not particularly buyer welcoming.

Past weekend I looked at a promising 2003 Land Cruiser. All the things was fantastic right until I peeked beneath it and noticed two many years of New England’s greatest rust. I’ll retain looking, many thanks. This research has brought me to JDM importers’ internet websites. All forms of Land Cruisers are becoming imported and they all appear to be considerably cleaner than similar USDM motor vehicles. But there are a several troubles for me:

  • Higher price, which is fantastic as very long as it’s clean.
  • Component availability.
  • No warranty of any type.
  • Probable registration and/or insurance concerns.
  • Current situations of JDM vehicles’ registration cancellations.

Has anyone listed here bought an imported automobile? What have been your encounters and problems?

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