Mercedes F1 car borrows “a few tricks” from rocket technology


Symonds explained that know-how derived from the aerospace business has helped Mercedes to offer an extremely-efficient cooling program that has enabled it to make the slender sidepod arrangement unveiled on the initially day of the Bahrain test.

The main architect of the 2022 restrictions, Symonds admitted that he hadn’t expected these a extraordinary interpretation of the guidelines.

“This is a very novel tactic,” he explained in an interview with F1 TV’s Ted Kravitz.

“I like to see novel interpretations. I have to say it truly is not 1 that I would anticipated to see. And I’m continue to genuinely impressed at how they are having the air by way of to cool the auto, but they of course are.

“I feel it will have acquired their rivals kind of heading back to the rulebook with their pink pencil, and seeing just what they have done.”

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Symonds admitted that when his group of engineers wrote the principles and developed a full-dimension design of the 2022 auto, they anticipated a prerequisite for greater radiator inlets.

“I guess it was just a minor little bit extra radical than we believed,” he reported.

“As we formulated the aerodynamics of this set of rules, clearly, we seemed at heaps of things, not just downforce creating, but we experienced to glimpse at brake cooling, had to seem at tyre heating. And especially, we experienced to look at engine cooling.

“And we have been making use of a greater inlet than that [on the W13] to get the cooling. I believe on the Mercedes, they have a number of small methods in there that assist them in this regard.

George Russell, Mercedes W13

George Russell, Mercedes W13

George Russell, Mercedes W13

Photograph by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Pictures

“For example the intercooler, is a pretty, incredibly neat machine. It can be a water/air intercooler, which of course Mercedes have experienced for a minimal although, but I consider this is a small bit unique.

“And that’s why they can truly shrink wrap this auto a small bit more than most of the other individuals can.”

Increasing on what Mercedes experienced carried out, he included: “The intercooler that I was speaking about comes from Response Engines in Oxfordshire, the people who are accomplishing this sort of air-breathing rocket motor, and the kind of spin-off from that has been this really exceptionally productive warmth exchanger technologies.

“I consider which is portion of the motive why they have been capable to deliver the auto the way they have.”

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Symonds stressed that all teams have honed their packaging to make sidepods as compact as probable.

“A single of the tendencies we are looking at, and it truly is not unique to these new laws, but we’re observing that it truly is very, very tough to get started to package deal almost everything into the sidepods,” he claimed.

“People assume what’s in the sidepods, definitely it is really only the radiators, the warmth exchangers?

“But of course, there is a large amount much more, there is a good deal of electronics in there. I believe some persons are transferring that electronics into that keel space.”

Mercedes W13 side detail

Mercedes W13 aspect depth

Mercedes W13 aspect detail

Picture by: Giorgio Piola

The sidepods and cooling notion aside, Symonds recommended that almost nothing else on the W13 had caught his eye.

“I believe the rest of it seems, dare I say, moderately traditional – if there is such a thing as regular,” he stated.

“The front wing remedy, very much what we predicted to see.

“Rear wing indeed, a little bit of improve in camber in that once again, which a whole lot of individuals have adopted for this pretty, extremely apparent kind of route to the lower rear wing, the kind of beam wing at the back again, which a ton of people today are trying to do now.”

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