The Best Six Open Face Helmets

The Best Half & Open Face Helmets You Can Buy [Updated Q4 2020]

Three factors that I consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet are safety, comfort, and style. Though a full-face helmet offers impeccable protection, I often select the open-face model because it is comfortable and gives me a greater sense of freedom. And the breeze on my face, damn! That’s to die for. It allows me to connect with nature and the surroundings rather than being a passive observer. An additional advantage is the greater field of vision compared to the full-face helmet. 

Therefore, before you purchase riding gear from your ideal motorcycle importers, I would recommend the following brands:

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

The Bell Custom 500 comes from a long line of successful open-faced helmets. I like that it is comfortable, pocket-friendly, and stylish and comes in different colors. This helmet is lightweight, and the various EPS interior linings and shell sizes allow a more comfortable fit on my head.

Shoei J-Cruise II

This model replaces the Shoei J-Cruise I. It has added features. Its shell is more compact and lightweight than the earlier model, and its four shell sizes allow for a close and comfortable fit. Its multi-layered EPS liner and the more pronounced helmet spoiler at the back give me the confidence of enhanced protection. I would pick this helmet when I’m riding in hot weather, especially since it has a built-in “crack” position that helps to demist the helmet. It also has different color options.

Arai Ram-X

This is an excellent helmet for touring. However, it does not come cheap. Although it is an open face helmet, it does not compromise on protection. I loved its superb shield mechanism and the forehead and exhaust vents that regulate the air flowing within the helmet. The Ram-X is a lightweight helmet with a nice and comfortable fit.

GM67 Open Face Helmet

The GM67 Open Face Helmet has numerous vents and a functional drop-down sun shield that is convenient and removable. The GM67 also has a removable lined interior that is easy to clean for freshness.

LS2 Verso

The LS2 Verso is a lightweight helmet that I recommend to those looking for comfort and convenience.  One of its unique features is the twin shield operated by a rotary dial on the sides of the helmet.

Biltwell Bonanza

This brand is very comfortable and pocket-friendly, with a simple and unadorned style. It is also lightweight and compact.