Top tips for maintaining your vehicle

Have you seen the prices of the latest auto and auto parts? Vehicles are now reaching past the $50,000 mark for a mid-tier compact sedan when a few years ago that was what an executive sedan was priced at. The price of auto parts has correspondingly jumped. Your car is now one of the most expensive purchases of your life. Maintenance and care are ever more important.

There are many, many hundreds of auto parts and systems to consider. From the exterior to the engine to the electronic control unit, each area of vehicles can run up thousands of dollars in repairs if they fail. Taking your car to an auto repair shop or a dealership will see yourself parting with lots more money for the parts and labor to install and change them.

You will find lots of advice, how-to guides and even where to find car parts online to help you do the basics of car maintenance yourself to keep your auto’s running costs in check. While doing a checklist, don’t forget about your car’s exterior. Read how to care for your car’s exterior to keep it in top condition by reading feedback from real-world customers of Shine Armor.

Here are easy DIY jobs you can do to keep your car in tip-top running condition and great exterior condition for the best price should you want to sell it one day:

1) Replace Wiper Blades: this might seem like a common-sense change, but many people don’t change their own wiper blades. When a wiper blade is worn out, it leaves streaks on the windshield that impairs proper visibility and could lead to you having an accident.

2) Replace Engine Air Filter: Remove your airbox container and inspect your car’s air filter. How to tell if it is worn? Hold it up to a light and if more than 50 perfect of the light is visible, your filter has passed its best and needs replacing. You can purchase a new one and it will simply drop into that same filter box for another 20,000 to 30,000 miles of service.

3) Replace Spark Plugs: If your car’s motor is losing power and is increasing in gas consumption, you most like need to replace worn spark plugs. These are pretty easy to remove and replace with the right tools, and they will bring your vehicle’s motor back to life for less than $30.

4) Check Tire Pressures: While you give little thought to your tires until you get a flat, you should check your tire’s pressures once a week. Any decrease in air pressure will mean that your tire has a slow puncture or an air leak that needs to be attended to. It could save you having a blowout on the freeway.

5) Change Car Battery: As with tires, you only worry about your battery when you can’t start your auto up. Car batteries don’t last forever and neither do they stop working when it is most convenient – like at an auto dealer. Sometimes if you’ve had your car’s battery boosted or jump-started, they lose their efficiency and power. The best solution if your car’s lights make your vehicle’s engine drop in power when you turn them on is to simply replace the battery.