Used Nissan Qashqai Report, Look Away Because Its Really Bad!

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By Chris Ward, April 1, 2022

Do you truly want to buy a utilized Nissan Qashqai? Utilized automobiles are heading up in price tag, so we are advised by the news media. Can you rely on the set up motoring media? Sorry to expose this, the car sector the two new and applied is in cahoots with the motoring news media. That is to say, the two the motoring media and automotive marketplace have “a you scratch my back again and I will give you an unrelenting advertising and marketing spend” partnership. It is reasonable to say that the motoring media, in the United kingdom, can only exist if it collaborates with the in general auto industry… like a Ukrainian dissident collaborating with the Russians. So who can you trust to give you an unbiased view?

AHEM!… The Every day Car Website gets no marketing spend from car or truck suppliers at all. So we can turn into the portal, the gateway to unbiased viewpoints. Go anywhere else and you will get slapped in the experience in a related fashion Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the oscars. That is to say, the utilised Nissan Qashqai acquiring general public is Chris Rock, the motoring media and automotive field is Will Smith.

Will Smith, the Nissan Qashqai of celebrities


The opening rant doesn’t response the headlines.  Just how excellent is a applied Nissan Qashqai?  Let us commence with dependability. Following all, you have just expended hundreds on a employed Qashqai. You paid out £12 for the auto examine report. Every little thing seems to be excellent, the vehicle drives away. You make it house. The up coming day you explore the engine demands servicing. You must have looked for trustworthiness. So allow us do it for you. Some brief points about used Qashqai trustworthiness.

Prime 10 Used Nissan Qashqai Trustworthiness Worries:

1 – The battery is infamous for functioning down too speedily.

2 – The ordinary Qashqai proprietor replaces their battery much more usually than vital.

3 – The air conditioner is prone to failure.

4 – Water is identified to leak into the cabin because of to faulty windscreen seals.

5 – Drinking water is acknowledged to leak into parking sensors.

6 – Too much engine stalling owing to that faulty air conditioner compressor.

7 – Knocking from the rear of the car or truck, owing to worn shock absorbers.

8 – Turbo failure thanks to Renault. Renault is however an professional in creating defective turbos!

9 – Driver’s door will not open through keyfob command due to a dodgy electric powered door motor.

10 – Motor surging (in excess of-revving) prompted dodgy Renault engineering.

These are just the prime 10 troubles to consider when buying a applied Nissan Qashqai. You will also have to contend with the probability of additional issues:

Still Additional Issues To Consider In advance of Getting A Made use of Nissan Qashqai:

1 – Reduction of management, affecting 2007 12 months styles. The bring about? entrance suspension fault.

2 – Gasoline leak, influencing 2008 12 months models brought on by a dodgy seal connector.

3 – Overheating motor triggered by dodgy Renault engineering

4 – Car shaking challenges when driving uphill or downhill, induced by a dodgy gearbox and driveshaft.


Nissan is owned by Renault and consequently, by proxy, all Nissans are by definition… Renaults. Renault is a minimize and paste producer. It’s the Renault way. Choose it from me, a former Renault proprietor. I have witnessed the blown turbos, I have noticed the value-chopping that goes down to the smallest rusty nut and screw striving to maintain up the rusting components.

Why does Nissan acquire motor vehicle awards? Since Nissan is in mattress with the motoring media. When you transfer in this sort of circles, it is inconvenient to convey up the horrific trustworthiness concerns afflicting made use of Qashqais for concern of shedding promotion commit.

So, in summary, dependent on the above evidence, do not squander your funds on a utilized Nissan Qashqai. Acquire a utilized Toyota and conserve your income on furnishing electrical power to heat your dwelling.

Used Cars Nissan Qashqai - Daily Car Blog


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