Veloroof uses ultrasound to save car-top-carried bikes


If you transportation your bicycle on a car-major rack, there is certainly a threat that you can overlook it really is up there, and smash it into a very low-hanging garage door or other overhead obstacle. The Veloroof program is developed to significantly lessen that chance.

Currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, Veloroof was invited by Spanish entrepreneur Andre Jaramillo. He has earlier labored on projects with models this kind of as Oakley and Trek.

There are two components to the set up: a h2o-resistant ultrasound sensor that is rubber-strapped to the front of the rack – or to the bike by itself – together with a Bluetooth-connected in-motor vehicle warning module. The sensor can detect road blocks up to 20 m (65.6 ft) in entrance of by itself, inside a 45-degree upward angle. When it does so, it activates the warning module to flash and emit an audible alarm, alerting the driver to the predicament.

The sensor can also be hooked up to a rear-mounted rack, dealing with backwards, to warn buyers not to crush their bicycle when backing into parking places.

The Veloroof system is presently on Indiegogo
The Veloroof process is presently on Indiegogo


Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of €53 (about US$54) will get you a Veloroof method of your individual. The planned retail price is €89 ($91). It is really shown in the video down below.

A comparable solution that we protected in 2017, known as Raacked, seems to have never ever arrived at manufacturing. The more minimal HeadsUp program, which is commercially readily available, just warns drivers as they solution their have garage.


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