Wellington man’s 1993 Toyota Corolla racks up 2 million kilometres

This is no ordinary Toyota Corolla. Graeme Hebley bought it 22 years ago and has since clocked up two million kilometres.

“I watched it click over and I thought two million, wow that’s pretty good. Pretty good old girl!” he says.

Six days a week the 71-year-old drives from Upper Hutt to New Plymouth and back delivering newspapers.

“I’m normally away 11 at night, then home 13 or 14 hours later,” he says.

So – what is the secret to getting so many kilometres out of a vehicle?

“Regular servicing has a lot to do with it. It’s expensive but pays dividends in the long run and of course good driving.”

Driving 10,000 kilometres a fortnight, it’s been serviced by the same mechanic every two weeks.

“Amazing that it’s done that alone, but more so that it’s done it without any engine or transmission replacement, or reconditioning or overhauling,” John Sherman, of Guthrie’s Auto Care says.

But Sherman had his doubts about it reaching two million kilometres.

“Oh I was a bit suspect that it might not get to two and actually wanting him to park it up as a spare, but he doesn’t want to stop now.”

And Hebley wants to get plenty more out of it yet.

“To be honest I think it’ll go forever,” he says.

And so could he – even if his fuel bill has recently risen by $1200 a month.

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