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It is at last in this article: The return of the Acura Integra. We have viewed with bated breath as facts trickled out, and we’ve debated whether or not it genuinely justifies the Integra identify. But there’s just one detail we’ve never been capable to truly do: Generate it. This 7 days, that alterations.

This 7 days, I’m traveling out to Austin, Texas for Acura’s media drive occasion for the new Integra. I’ll set it by means of its paces in what will presumably be a breakfast-taco-based mostly journey. During that time, I want to preserve an eye out for any concerns you have about the new car. So, what do you want to know?

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Photo: Steve DaSilva

To recap, the new Integra is primarily based on the recent Civic Si. That car is really a ponder to behold, so expectations are large for its new platform-mate. The Integra would make the very same (seemingly underrated) 200 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque as the Si and will get the exact exquisite six-pace guide gearbox (even though you can only get the guide on the prime-trim-stage Integra). It even has adaptive suspension, if which is your cup of tea.

Sharing the Civic
system suggests the Integra has similar general dimensions, such as the oh-so-controversial four-door format. It wears the current Acura fascia, with the extra bonus of embossed “INTEGRA” logos front and rear. All in all, it’s a sharp looking motor vehicle.

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Within, the Integra seems to be like you’d hope — Civic-based mostly, but tech-hefty. The driver will get a entire electronic dash, heated and driven entrance seats, and a myriad of USB ports to plug into each individual other and see what takes place. I picture this is how European tuning operates.

So, what do you want to know about Acura’s latest sizzling hatch? Let me know in the responses, and I’ll respond to as a lot of inquiries as I can immediately after the push.


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